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Lawyering in the Age of Trump

It took less than three weeks in office for Donald Trump to directly attack the judiciary. Trump's personal insults against US District Court Judge Robart, from the office of the presidency, are without precedent in the modern political era.

Judge Robart's ruling in Washington v. Trump, came in a suit brought by the state of Washington against Trump's executive order effecting a travel ban. The state of Washington challenged the constitutionality of the ban, starting a legal fight with the Trump administration that may end up in front of the Supreme Court. Judge Robart, a George W. Bush appointee, is simply refereeing the fight.

As a lawyer, I believe it is my moral duty to defend our federal and state constitutions. This includes defending the framing of our government as three independent branches--the executive, the legislative and the judicial. Attacks of this nature by one branch--the executive, against another--the judicial, threaten the basic structure of our civil society.

Politics aside, any attack against the independence of the branches of government is an attack against our fundamental rights. Impeach Trump.

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